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Window Glazing Tape

glazing (glay’-zing): glass used for windows or the act of installing glass into a window.

Glazing tape is used to create the inside (and sometimes the outside) seal between the insulated glass panel and window sash or door material, preventing air and water leakage. It is more commonly used in vinyl and aluminum windows and doors, although it can be used in wood windows and doors as well.


LAMATEK is an authorized converter for Berry Global’s AAMA verified glazing tape, which is ideal for use in standard window and door applications due to it’s relatively low cost and flexibility.

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The most common application of glazing tape is to apply it to the sash lineals before cutting and seaming them. This provides quick and easy application, but often requires a small dab of some other sealant, like silicone, in the corners where the tape has been cut. Some window manufacturers have discovered ways to apply the tape to the sash after it has been seamed, providing a more consistent tape bead around the sash.


Another possible application is to apply the tape to the glass first, then inserting the glass into the finished sash. Read our Application Guide & Instructions for best practices.


LAMATEK’s glazing tape is provided in slit rolls, most commonly 1/2″ and 3/8″ wide, on a 3″ core tube to fit most common glazing tape application machinery. Our tape also comes with a tough, tear resistant blue poly liner, making the removal of the tape liner easier and minimizing the chance of liner tearing during installation.


Our type 1 glazing tape is made from special tape grade polyethylene foam, designed specifically for adhesive coating applications. The product is available with two adhesive systems:


GT Series

Utilizes high strength, long life acrylic adhesive on both sides, designed to bond to vinyl, aluminum and glass.


HGT Series

Utilizes a high strength, long life acrylic adhesive on the liner side (for bonding to glass), and a durable high tack rubber based adhesive on the exposed side (for bonding to vinyl and aluminum).


Both GT and HGT Series tapes are available in white or black.

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