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Butyl + Foam Sealing Gaskets

butyl (byu’ – tul): self-sealing rubber with excellent impermeability to gases, outstanding dielectric properties, good resistance to tearing, good aging properties at elevated temperatures and good chemical stability.

LAMATEK’s butyl gaskets are made of a conformable, uncured rubber compound that provides a cohesive, self-adhering seal to lock out water and air in gaps and spaces, especially on uneven surfaces and joints. You can count on exceptional, watertight sealing between organic substrates that are prone to water damage, like wood. Butyl’s malleable texture is especially useful for sealing window frame corners and other irregular surfaces, joints or spaces.

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Butyl sealing gaskets are precision cut to your exact specifications. To apply, simply peel the gasket from its release liner and press it into place.


LAMATEK™ butyl gaskets are supplied kiss cut on a roll with the matrix stripped (so there’s no extra material surrounding the gaskets) for convenient, quick application. Rolls are wound on a 3″ core tubes and packaged in cartons.


Our chemical and aging resistant butyl formulation serves as both a substrate and adhesive that remains flexible while providing excellent sealing capabilities. Self-sealing butyl is gray or black in color and bonds instantly to itself as well as joint surfaces. Combine our high performance butyl layered with your choice of polyethylene, neoprene or vinyl nitrile for a superior sealing gasket.

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