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Reticulated Filter Foam Baffles

sill (si’ll): main horizontal component forming the bottom of the frame of a window or door.

baffle (ba’ff-ul): a device, such as a plate or screen, installed to alter / reduce the velocity of water.

Sill baffles, or weep hole baffles, are typically 20 PPI (pores per inch), open cell foam pieces used to eliminate insect infiltration through the weep-hole, while still allowing water to exit from the sill.

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Simply slide the sill baffle into the sill extrusion and behind the weep-hole before welding or mechanically fastening the jamb.


Sill baffles are provided cut to size and bulk packaged in cartons. Reticulated filter foam is also available in rolls that can be cut down by hand.


LAMATEK™ sill baffles are made in a variety of PPI (pores per inch) to meet any baffling/filtering requirements. All products are charcoal grey in color and can be fabricated to fit any sill extrusion.

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