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LAMATEK™ has been making custom engineered solutions and parts for the Window and Door industry since we opened our doors in 1983. So you might even say we’re experts. We supply essential components for some of the nation’s finest wood, vinyl, and aluminum window and door manufacturers.


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What is Fenestration?

The literal meaning of Fenestration (from the Greek word ‘Fenestra’, which means ‘window’) is “the placement or arrangement of exterior windows and doors.”


While this is a more formal definition, the industry includes both indoor and outdoor windows, as well as doors, skylights, and other openings that provide light or passage from one space to another. However, the fenestration market isn’t just for manufacturers of these systems. It also extends to manufacturers of the components that are used to make them. For example, this could be any of the following and more:


Gaskets for Windows & Doors

Threshold, hardware, jamb and sealing gaskets as well as balance plugs and shims.

Fenestration Tapes & Weatherstripping

Tapes for SDL muntin bars, glazing, high bond, mulling, weatherstripping, jamb and screen foam.

SmartBlox 2.0 Setting Blocks

Specifically developed to be compatible with all glazing sealants and IG units.

Foam Plugs & Baffles

Sill baffles, track seals and balance plugs.

Packaging & Shipping

Protective wrapping, foam cushioned corners, foam and cork shipping solutions.

Window & Door Bumpers

Protect your patio doors and eliminate noise patio door bumpers.

Architectural & Commercial Construction

View our comprehensive catalog of architectural tapes, foams and adhesive solutions for commercial construction.

Threshold Gaskets

Seals between the threshold and door jamb to extend threshold life.

Jamb Gaskets

Used to seal the jamb to sill and jamb to header seam.

Hardware Gaskets & Shims

Gaskets around window hardware and shims for fit.

Butyl Sealing Gaskets

Designed for wood and aluminum window corners and threshold sealing.

Balance / Chimney Plugs

Blocks air from traveling up the balance chimney.

Mull Pads & Gaskets

Seals over gap created by mulling, or joining, two or more windows.

SDL Muntin Tape

Superior bonding on muntin bars and glass without surface pre-treatment.

Glazing Tape

AAMA tested and approved, double-sided tape seals IG to the sash.

Jamb Foam (Window Wrap)

Provides insulation between the window and the surrounding frame.

Screen Foam

Eliminates pest infiltration while reducing screen movement and noise.

3M™ All Weather Flashing Tape 8067

Clean, easy to use flashing membrane instantly seals around window and door perimeters to prevent water leakage.

Mulling / Mullion Tape

Provides excellent bonding of irregular surfaces to seal gaps between mulled window units.

Expanding Foam Sealant Tape

Replace caulk, spray foam, putty and liquid sealants with the convenience of tape.

SmartBlox 2.0 Setting Blocks

Specifically developed to be compatible with all glazing sealants and IG units.

Balance / Chimney Plugs

Blocks air from traveling up the balance chimney.

Sill & Weep Hole Baffles

Blocks bugs and dirt in the sill, while letting moisture out.

Track Seals

Seals bottom of the balance track.

PROTEK™ Universal Shipping Corners

Universal foam shipping corners fit most window profiles and other flat objects to protect during shipping and handling.

PROTEK™ Universal Shipping Shoe

Extruded polyethylene shipper with universal step design and nailing fin slot for standard window profiles.

PROTEK™ Surface Protection Film

Easy-peel films protect and mask delicate finishes from dirt, scratches, debris, UV, and more.

PROTEK™ Flexible Corner Protector

Flexible tube-style corner protector folds over corners and edges up to 2" thick to prevent chipped corners and more.

Shipping & Separator Pads

Provides cushion and spacing between flat items to prevent damages in transit.

PROTEK™ U-Channel Edge Protector

Non-abrasive, extruded polyethylene foam protects edges of insulated glass units, panels, and other straight edge items.

PROTEK™ Adhesive ALLwrap

Residue-free adhesive protective foam for delicate finish surfaces including hardware, metal and glass.

PROTEK™ Cohesive ITwrap

Self-sealing packaging creates an envelop of protection around everything from small parts to full windows.

Patio Door Bumpers

Locks into place in door track to provide a stop for moving door panels.
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