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Saturated Foam Sealant Tape
  • Foam sealant tape for construction and residential contractors
  • Replaces caulk, spray foam, putty tape, and liquid sealants
  • Expands and conforms to fill gaps
  • Impregnated urethane foam seals out air and water
  • Won’t absorb water more than 5%
  • Resists impacts, shock, ozone, and UV degradation
  • Stops air, vapor, moisture, dust, sound, and vibration
  • Flexible, saturated foam won’t dry out or crack
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Functions of Foam Sealant

Sure-Seal™ saturated foam sealant tape is an advanced, moldable gasket tape for contractors that combines the impenetrable performance of typical sealants with the convenience and flexibility of a tape. This innovative foam sealant replaces caulk, spray foam, putty tape, butyl and other liquid sealants, which can be messy and difficult to apply. Use our foam sealant tape in construction projects to stop air and water from penetrating residential and commercial structures. Saturated foam sealant tape resists UV and ozone degradation and won’t dry out or crack.

Foam Sealant Tape for Construction and Housing

Contractors use Sure-Seal™ foam sealant tape to fill irregular spaces and block air, vapor, moisture, dust, and even noise. Foam tape expands and contracts to compensate for uneven gaps and spaces. Replaces traditional foam sealants with our revolutionary tape that lasts for over 20 years in various areas of building construction. Simply peel the flexible foam off of the paper backing and press into place for the following construction applications:


  • Residential structures
  • Drywall gasketing
  • Commercial buildings
  • Airtight drywall
  • Structural retrofitting
  • Weathersealing
  • Asbestos and concrete junctures
  • Windows and doors meeting brickwork
  • Manufactured housing
  • Concrete expansion joints
  • Curtain walls
  • Prefabricated elements
  • Energy efficient building
  • Joist isolation
  • Wood and concrete construction


Sure-Seal™ foam sealant tapes are available from 1/4” to 1-1/4” thick and 3/16” to 39” wide. Foam tape is supplied in rolls on 3” core tubes with a paper liner on one side.


LAMATEK also supplies custom foam sealant gaskets with our state of the art die-cutting equipment. Let us engineer custom Sure-Seal parts and gaskets to fit your specific building application. Saturated foam sealing gaskets are supplied kiss-cut on a roll. We can leave the matrix intact or remove it for fast, convenient, peel and stick applications.


Sure-Seal™ foam tape is made from a resilient, open cell urethane foam that is impregnated with a proprietary saturant to provide superior sealing qualities without the compression set or limitations of closed cell foams. Foam sealant tape conforms to irregular surfaces and bonds with a strong, single-sided adhesive backing. Say goodbye to tedious, messy sealants and switch to Sure-Seal™ foam sealant tape for all of your construction projects.

Tip from the Experts

Sure-Seal™ foam must be compressed at least 50% to get the best air and water-tight sealing. It’s easy for contractors to choose correct thickness. Just estimate the maximum gap size and double it!

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