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Very High Bond SilverTape®
  • Very high bond adhesive on all sides
  • Replaces screws, nails, welds, rivets, and liquid adhesive
  • Endures extreme weather, impacts, UV, water, and more
  • Reduces production time, labor, and costs
  • Bonds permanently to metal, plastic, concrete, wood, and more
  • Even stress distribution provides lifelong bond strength
  • Provided in rolls, long-length spools, or custom die cut parts
  • Available in white, black, gray, and clear

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SilverTape® from AFTC USA, Inc. is a high performance, industrial strength tape that provides excellent long term holding power and is perfectly suited for both interior and exterior applications. SilverTape® offers superior high bond strength and can replace mechanical fasteners like rivets, screws, spot welds and liquid adhesives on a variety of substrates.


  • Metal buildings
  • Canopies
  • Kick plates
  • Metal Cabinetry
  • Trim Attachment
  • Metal Cladding


Available in a variety of putups including:

  • Custom width tapes or spools
  • Ready-to-use tabs and strips
  • Custom die cut parts and pieces


Viscoelastic, double-sided, foamed acrylic tape is the leading alternative to other high priced VHB™ tapes on the market.


Adhesive mass construction makes high performance SilverTape® virtually indestructible against wind, water, high impact, shock and other environmental effects. High performance, double sided mounting tape is available in black, white, gray, and optically clear.


LAMATEK™ supplies a wide variety of SilverTape® products for general use, low surface energy, cold weather application, removable, and more. Contact us to spec in your project and find the perfect high bond tape for your requirements.

Did You Know?

Traditional fasteners produce uneven stress distribution that can be broken over time. High performance tape establishes even adherence across the entire substrate surface, providing a stronger, more durable bond. Learn more …

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