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At LAMATEK™, the construction market refers to contractors, builders, manufacturers, and installers as well as their suppliers. Our industry leading line of gaskets, sealing products and weatherstripping makes us a perfect match ...

for your manufactured housing and construction needs. Providing air and water-tight solutions is our business. Providing leak-proof homes is yours. Together we can provide superior products for less.


Our product line also includes solutions tailored to specific areas of housing and construction including:

Mounting & Fastening Tapes

Double sided foam tapes for interior and exterior attachment applications.

High Performance Tapes

SilverTape® with very high bonding strength replaces mechanical fasteners.

Foam Sealant Tape

Combines the impenetrable performance of typical sealants with the convenience and flexibility of a tape


Foam weathersealing tapes in a variety of materials for any situation.

Surface Protection Tape & Masking Films

Protects smooth and semi-matte surfaces from dirt, scratches, tool marks, and contaminants. Up to 6 months UV resistance.


Sticky back bumpers protect cabinets, doors, and floors from scuffing, vibrations, impacts, and more. Compare to 3M™ Bumpons.

Foam & Sponge Tapes

Foam and sponge tapes for residential construction, mobile homes, and manufactured housing applications.
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