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LAMATEK™ carries automotive approved foam tapes for sealing, weatherstripping, and noise control. Please select from the options below:

V710 Series Automotive Tape

Automotive Sunroof Sealing

Provides a dust and water seal around perimeter of sunroof opening.

Door Panel Seals

Perimeter seal to provide anti-rattle and water leakage protection. Also for acoustical applications.

Anti-Rattle Tape

Gasketing tape for anti-squeak and anti-rattle as well as moisture and light barriers.

V1500 Series Automotive Tape

Roof Rack Gasket

Used between the luggage rack and surface of the roof.

Cup Holder, Bin & Console Liner

Used to seal around perimeters and in cracks to provide anti-rattle and anti-squeak capabilities.

Rear Interior Brake Light

Used as a seal to secure brake light lens inside casing.

Automotive Gas Tank

Used for gas tank straps and gas tank pads. Protects against wear and provides cushioning.

Squeak Reduction Tape

Eliminates squeaking and rattling on and around various parts.

Vibration Damping Trunk & Tailgate Tape

Apply to motor vehicle trunk interior for vibration.
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