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7 lb. PVC Tape - V710 Series for Automotive
  • 7 lb. Density PVC Tape
  • Single sided permanent acrylic adhesive
  • Seals and protects various areas of the vehicle from air, water, weather, and light
  • Eliminates rattling, squeaking, vibrations, and noise
  • Fills gaps and spaces
  • Available in black

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To provide a protective seal in and around several areas of the vehicle and offer anti-rattle and anti-squeak properties. Prevents air, weather and even light in some cases from infiltrating the vehicle or other automotive parts.


Provided in self-wound rolls (unlike other products, the liner is attached to the material instead of the adhesive) with acrylic adhesive. Available in black only. PVC is reverse wound, so the release liner is attached to the material, not the adhesive. Therefore, unwinding the roll will expose the adhesive with the liner left on the foam. Another option, which is used by most consumers, is to remove the first wrap of liner to create a roll where the liner comes off on the adhesive side.


PVC Foam is ideal for automotive applications because it provides a durable closed-cell seal perfect for gasketing and weatherstripping. PVC serves as a high performance weatherstripping tape against indoor and outdoor elements. PVC’s resealability and compression recovery make it a good choice for door panel sealing, sunroofs and other applications that require repeated use. The inherent fire retardancy and UV (ultra-violet light) resistance also makes it an excellent choice for automotive sealing.

Recommended Applications

7# PVC is approved and commonly used for the following:


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