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LAMATEK's Founders
Founders, Kyle Larson (left) and Bob Carlson (right) 1983.

LAMATEK, Inc. was founded in a 1,800 square foot garage in Kresson, New Jersey in 1983. Today, we are a privately-owned, ISO 9001 certified company residing in a 92,000 square foot facility in West Deptford, NJ where we manufacture custom converted tapes, seals, gaskets and other flexible materials for a variety of industries including electronics, appliances, windows and door manufacturers, OEMs, packaging, signage, HVAC, industrial and janitorial, automotive and commercial and residential construction.


LAMATEK incorporates a wide range of custom manufacturing processes such as custom die cutting and kiss cutting, adhesive wide-web laminating, slitting, spooling, precision CNC and wide format printing.


We stock a large inventory of foams, sponge, and rubber materials that allow our customers to buy what they need without the commitment of high minimums. LAMATEK also carries a variety of adhesive options to bond almost any substrate under the most extreme conditions. Our precision equipment can handle materials from solid PVC, acrylic foam, open cell polyurethane foams, closed cell foam, high density materials and stretchy fabrics.


LAMATEK is a member of the Gasket Fabricators Association, NJMEP and a founding member of the NJ Chapter of Women in Manufacturing (WIM). We have sustained solid vendor and customer relationships for over 30 years through our commitment to quality, excellence and outstanding service. LAMATEK strives to continuously improve our products and maintain a positive user experience through customer feedback, market research, and an intrinsic thirst for knowledge.


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Who Are We? Our Company Culture

Our Business Philosophy

In 1983, Kyle Larsson hand-typed a statement depicting the kind of soul he envisioned LAMATEK would have and it is evident that the framework and philosophy that was developed then has been inherently pursued to this day.

PEOPLE: A Statement of Philosophy


We believe that the achievements of an organization are the result of the combined efforts of each individual and that nothing better motivates people or engenders enthusiasm than respect, trust, and communication.


– All members of this organization are people first and foremost, and should, therefore, be treated with the respect and dignity deserving of all men and women.


– In general, no one knows more about a particular job than the person performing it. Therefore, we must trust each member to improve his area of responsibility in his own way.


– Face to face communication is vital to understanding, involvement, and innovation. Communication between and among all members at all levels of the organization is critical to the success and advancement of the organization and all its members.


– We have an obligation to provide job security for all of our people. To avoid undue strain on the organization, all members will be expected at times to interchange jobs as the needs of the firm require.


– We have an obligation to provide training and the opportunity for development to our productive people who want to improve their skills, expand their career opportunities, or simply further their general education.”

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