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LAMATEK Introduces SilverTape® for Window & Door

LAMATEK is proud to offer a new line of high performance tapes. SilverTape® provides superior adhesion and very high bond strength. It is a proven alternative to all forms of mechanical fasteners. Keep reading!


High performance SilverTape® is great for use on shower doors, attaching trim, panels and kick plates, glass construction and more. Available in black, white, gray and transparent. Contact us for more information, sample requests, quotes or to place an order!


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Our current brochure features many more products for the Window & Door market. We’ve made it easier than ever to view our catalog with a click of a button! You can view our full brochure by clicking the button below. We also offer our catalog in hard copy with an added line card featuring our material selection. Be sure to request your copy today!

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