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LAMATEK™ Spends a Special Manufacturing Day Focusing on Family

West Deptford, NJ — LAMATEK™ celebrated Manufacturing Day on October 2, 2015 by inviting their families to spend the day with them and experience a day in the life of a manufacturer. The Family Strengthening Network of South Jersey was also invited to speak to the families about the importance of supporting each other in life and work.


The Family Strengthening Network is committed to helping families thrive amidst life’s challenges. The organization works to provide for the holistic empowerment and stability of families. FSN trains and supports Family Advocates who serve in churches, schools, businesses, and community centers. These advocates work with families through one-on-one coaching and educational small groups. With the help and accountability of the Family Advocate, families set goals for themselves and create a clearly identified plan for achieving these goals. FSN also coordinates events such as financial workshops, family activities, and service opportunities.


For more information about the Family Strengthening Network, visit http://www.familystrengtheningnetwork.org/

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