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Do you need a custom quality sealing solution to prevent water or air leakage on a new or existing window design? Are you concerned about setting block/IG sealant compatibility? Is damage to your product during transit costing you money?

LAMATEK is here to help! We deliver innovative solutions for all of your packaging & sealing applications. Say goodbye to damages, leakage and compatibility issues… and save your company time & money!

Check out our featured products or browse our online catalog for a comprehensive list of LAMATEK’s products and capabilities.


Foam and Butyl Gaskets

LAMATEK has hundreds of existing gaskets for applications such as jambs, thresholds, nailing fins, hardware, meeting rails and mullions. We also offer custom designs. Gaskets can be cut from a wide variety of foam substrates to meet your requirement. Butyl gaskets combine the gasketing properties of closed-cell neoprene or polyethylene, with the sealing capabilities of butyl rubber. Our gaskets are cut to size and supplied kiss cut on rolls with the matrix stripped for easy peel and stick application.

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Setting Blocks

Setting blocks are small in size, but not in importance. LAMATEK has the product backed by rigorous compatibility testing and specifically designed for the glazing shim application. Our new SmartBlox™are the next generation of setting blocks! Developed to be compatible with a variety of glazing sealants as well as systems where shims may come in contact with Polyisobutylene (PIB). SmartBlox™contain no phthalates. Our time-tested Eco-PVC Blocks are also available. Eco-PVC Blocks contain 30% post-consumer material and are 100% recyclable.

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Our ITwrap features a cohesive system which bonds only to itself. ITwrap is available in Foam and Corrugated Cardboard. A great product for wrapping completely around handles, hardware and even entire windows or doors! ALLwrap is a Protek™Foam pad with a residue-free removable adhesive that forms a non-permanent bond to most surfaces. ALLwrap works well when protecting locks, lift rails, escutcheon plates and other surfaces that can’t be fully enveloped within a pad.

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New Fen Catalog Brochure

Browse Our Full Interactive Catalog

Our current brochure features many more products for the Window & Door market. We’ve made it easier than ever to view our catalog with a click of a button! You can view our fully interactive brochure, complete with links to more product information and easy navigation, by clicking the button below. We also offer our catalog in hard copy with an added line card featuring our material selection. Be sure to request your copy today!

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