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Products for Aluminum Windows

LAMATEK Corners the Market on Aluminum Windows

LAMATEK offers specifically designed products to seal, protect and package your windows. Our product solutions work great with aluminum window profiles including Protective Foam CornersButyl Sealing GasketsSDL Muntin Tape and so much more. Many of our products also work well on vinyl and wood designs.


Protek™ Shipping Corners

Our extruded foam profiles protect the nailing fin and window facing from being bent or scratched during shipping and handling. Simply fold the corner over your window profile. We’ve even provided a removable adhesive inside to help keep them in place.


The packaging design keeps fins from being damaged while the foam absorbs multiple impacts and resists moisture. Can also be used on straight edges further protect fins from damage.


YOU MAY ALSO LIKE: Blocks or Shoes from the same profile.

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Butyl Sealing Gaskets by LAMATEK

Butyl Sealing Gaskets

Butyl gaskets combine the gasketing properties of closed-cell neoprene or closed-cell polyethylene, with the sealing capabilities of butyl rubber. Our butyl gaskets are cut to size and supplied kiss cut on rolls with the matrix stripped for easy peel and stick application.

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SDL Muntin Tapes

SDL Muntin Tape

LAMATEK’s muntin tape is a highly engineered product, designed to work with a multitude of muntin bar materials (from Kynar© painted aluminum to untreated wood) and glass surfaces. Unlike competitive materials, our muntin tape does not require toxic silane pre-treatments to perform as advertised.

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Our current brochure features many more products for the Window & Door market. We’ve made it easier than ever to view our catalog with a click of a button! You can view our full brochure by clicking the button below. We also offer our catalog in hard copy with an added line card featuring our material selection. Be sure to request your copy today!

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