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Large Format CNC

LAMATEK's newest addition, the "Flash Cutter," provides more customization and faster turnaround allowing us to expand our capabilities even further. So what makes our flash cutter so special?

Rapid Prototyping
Whether you're an engineer working on improving a design or an inventor with an idea, flash cutting produces high quality, precise prototypes from CAD drawings to sample in minutes. There's no need for a setup or tooling process so flash cutting is a less permanent, less costly and faster way to finalize a customer's design ... in a flash!

Large Format
Our flash cutter can cut materials up to 5" thick and parts up to 60" x 120" dimensionally into virtually any shape loaded from a CAD file.

Broader Range of Materials
From thick flexible foams to thin solid rubbers and plastics, flash cutting easily converts materials that are problematic for conventional die-cutters.

High Quality Converting
Flash cutting produces clean edges and doesn't cause the concavity found in pressed or stamped products. Perfect for applications where aesthetics are paramount.

Expanded Capabilities
Our flash cutter offers capabilities such as kiss-cutting, scoring, punching, perforating, notching and marking all on the same part.

Superb Precision and Yield
The intuitive software and advanced nesting capabilities of the flash cutter ensure parts are cut with tight tolerances and are made with efficient use of material. Components of product sets can be nested together using space that would otherwise be wasted.

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Up To Date
Our business plan not only includes adding new capabilities as customer needs demand, but also constantly evaluating our current capabilities to ensure we are using the most modern machinery and techniques to keep your products up to date.
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